Mechanic fixing brakes

At AutoCare Plus we listen. When your vehicle is simply “not handling right” you may describe steering problems, a thumping noise, a grinding or groaning sound; or your vehicle might be pulling during turns or while breaking. When this occurs, we typically suggest a Suspension and Alignment Check. During this checkup we examine your steering system, tires, suspension, and sometimes your braking system. Our goal is to ensure that you and your passengers feel safe and can enjoy a smooth riding vehicle.

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SUSPENSION AND ALIGNMENT – Diagnosing Steering Issues

Myriads of stationary and moving parts work in tandem to create a smooth, responsive ride. That’s why our educated automotive technicians refrain from diagnosis until after checking the functionality of these systems:

  • The Tires Including, (but not limited to), air pressure, remaining life, abnormal wear patterns, tire balance, and alignment.
  • Struts or Shocks Including, (but not limited to), seal leaks, lubrication, signs of stress-related wear, boot and bumper health, mounting hardware, bearing plate, etc.
  • Springs Including, (but not limited to), mounting brackets, signs of improper contact, spring seat alignment & orientation.
  • Steering Gear, (rack & pinion systems or independent steering pumps). Including, (but not limited to), fluid levels, condition of current fluid, gear health, hoses, and pump health.
  • The Brake System Although not directly related to suspension, the brake system can affect steering when issues occur while braking. When this is the case, we will suggest a brake check during your suspension checkup.

Our Certified Technicians are extremely adroit at culling out the core issue(s) that are adversely affecting your driving experience. Their recommendations will be based on a sound and thorough assessment of each system on your vehicle.